benefits of irrigation:

Save time:

Your time is valuable, our experts will install and setup the system according to the needs of the area covered.

Save money:

Modern irrigation utilizes smart controllers to control water flow, water pressure, when to water, and adjust watering based on atmospheric considerations. All this saves water, saving water keeps the water bills lower.

Save water:

A healthy lawn doesn’t have to waste water resources or cause unnecessary costs. Smart irrigation gives the right amount of water needed without waste. It is far more efficient than the sprinklers of old that connected to a garden hose and let run. No more need to setup the sprinkler, periodically move it, create puddles in some areas and not enough water in others. It use to be a game of timing, patience, and trial and error to get an even, healthy lawn. With modern irrigation, it’s “set it and forget it”. The guess work is replaced with smart controls and automation.

Curb appeal:

A healthy lawn ands value to your property. An irrigation system helps keeps that lawn healthy. A well designed system is another great selling point if you plan on selling in the future and peace of mind if you don’t. Either way irrigation adds aesthetics to property.

Protects the lawn and garden from weeds, fungus, and disease:

Proper irrigation aids in adding needed nutrients to your lawn or garden. It adds water where its needed more and limits where not needed as much. Garden irrigation can limit to a drip to reduce weeds and flow water to areas in constant need.

Preserves Nutrients:

One of the problems of the old sprinklers that attached to the hose and had to be moved about periodically (other than costing you time and money) is nutrient imbalance. Underwatering starves the plants of needed nutrients. Overwatering risks washing away the nutrients. Proper water cycles maximizes the needed nutrients. Landscapes have differing levels, some spots more shaded, some get more sunlight. Plants have different requirements for watering and soils have their requirements. Irrigation specialist understand the needs of the soil and plant life and design systems that help to meet those needs.

Benefits of Aeration:

Best time to Aerate: Late spring into early fall

This allows the grass seed to germinate which aids in stronger roots.

loosens soil compaction:

Soil needs water and fertilizer, compacted soil can limit the amount that gets through to the grass roots.

Manages thatch:

Kind of like compacted soil, thatch is dead grass that can create a barrier keeping water and fertilizer from reaching the grass roots. Proper aeration creates a composting microorganism that decomposes the dead grass opening the pathways for the grass roots to receive nutrients.

added pH modification Benefit:

After the core aeration process, adding lime or sulphur additives adjust the pH deeper into the soil.

reduce puddling and water runoff:

Some areas of you lawn may suffer water run off after rain or heavy puddling. Proper aeration limits that by allowing the soil to absorb the excess water.

thicker, more lush grass:

Aeration loosens soil, manages thatch, opens the path for water and fertilizer. All this allows grass roots to get the needed nutrients to grow deep, full roots which in turn grows thick, full, lush grass. The grass is healthier, looks better, manages easier, and helps bring aesthetic peace of mind.

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